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Saturday, September 3, 2011


What is going on, everybody?! Long time no see.

Just a little update on the CSUEB map! After the map when through all the bosses at ASI, I have finally done last edit to map! Now with more people, more information, and a much larger version of the ASI recreational areas! We have also changed the tittle to Associated Student Inc. Services Map because it words out what the goal of the map is: emphasizing ASI related areas! I am so happy this map is finalized!

I guess that's how it is when your a designer, you just keep changing things until all your bosses are happy! All the hard was worth it, it was a lot of fun doing it and I am super happy with it and I hope you guys like it too! :D

Here's a before and after:

As you can see, there is a lot of information for students to learn about ASI services, the ASI buildings are much larger, and there are a lot more peopler hanging out on campus!

Here is the Grand Finale!

You guys can check out this map throughout the California State University, East Bay, probably starting Fall Quarter! If you do, send me a picture of you with it and I will feature in a dedicated post! :]

 Thanks guys and have an amazing weekend!
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  1. Looks a lot better with all the information, makes it look official.
    Great Job!

  2. What happened to the library? I thought it was bigger....

  3. Well, as I explained on the last posts, this is a distorted map. The goal is not accuracy, but to emphasize ASI related areas.

    The people on the map are just as tall as the buildings... so yeah, it's a distorted map. :]

    OH! You can check out this awesome article written by Kim Legocki about the map at CSUEB News Blog:



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