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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Insane in the Membrane!

Hey beautiful people!
Today I would like to talk about something amazing called process.
Process is a wonderful thing. It is what is between the beginning and the end or the peanut butter and jelly between on two slices of bread. Process is what gets to your goal.

Knowing your process helps you manage your time efficiently, which helps when talking to clients about project budgets, and what they can expect from you in a certain amount of time. 

That said, it is also really cool to see your mature version against the baby version, and most of the times it ends up being completely different than what you started with.

All designers have different methods of working, and this how I work! :]

I am an illustrator, so I like to create original art work for my clients! No photostock with this girl, my art sips through my hands onto paper, makes it easier for them when dealing with copyright issues, and it makes me look cooler! So whenever given the chance, I will create the something awesome for me clients :]

To show my process, I will use this recent project that I like to call Insane in the Membrane

My boss approached me and said, "HEY! I need you to design something for this slogan and t-shirt contest we are doing this quarter!" The directions were not specific, which only means one thing to me: PORTFOLIO PIECE! I took the vagueness in direction and the non existing guidelines as a sign from the gods allowing me to create whatever I wanted! Oh, life is suuhhhweet!

Without even looking at me computer, I started to jog down ideas for the project. One day I was watching an episode of Futurama and it was about brains attacking Earth. When the Fry, the main character, was going to blow up the attacking brains with some bomb, one of the brains shouted, "Are you insane on the membrane?!" I started to crack up thinking about the song by Cypress Hill. This song never got out of my head for a couple of days because it's so darn catchy!

Then I thought, "hmmm... Brains... pencil... connects... Brains on pencil! Brilliant!"

Before you start, listen to this song while you read! :]

First, Brainstorm

My idea went further into a serious of stages: photo, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Once I had the illustration down, it's now time to add information on Indesign! :]
(keep in mind it took me several hours to get to this final images. 
Perfection takes mistakes and lots of work (and beer-- who said that?!!) . :])

Here is the Form to match the poster

And here is the sketch that started it all

Yay!! So, remember: Process is wonderful!
Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Much love ;]


  1. Anna you forgot "the" in get insane in THE membrane...instead it says "get insane IN membrane"

  2. thanks for the pointer, Brian!! Fixed just for you! ;]

  3. Great illustration and post.
    The final product looks clean and sleek! You are going places little girl! :)

  4. love it! love the colors!

  5. You make other designers tremble in their boots.

  6. Thank you guys!
    I really appreciate your kind words :]
    My main goal is to inspire everyone, if I was able to do that, then I am super happy!! :D


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