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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Curious Incident of a Birthday Card

Hello Guys! :]

It's story time!
Two years ago my brother, Victor, gave me a book called 'The Curious Indent of the Dog in the Night-Time.' As many of you may know, I am not a big reader, actually, I'm barely a reader. In school I would do terrible in history, anatomy, chemistry, and math. The only class that I've done well in were art and biology, art class was obvious why I liked it so much, but I did well in biology because the book was covered with images! Not just images of circles and rings like in chemistry, or black and white old photos lie history, but awesome images and drawings of animals, insects, and bacteria. Other than that, it was also fun learning about new diseaseses! I always have a lemon face when I saw the real images, eek!

Anyways, back to the point, I was happy to get it. I loved the look of the book! The red-orange cover, white clean sans-sefiff font, and the intriguing cut out of an upside down poodle. It was not until I got my magical bedside lamp that I decided to read books. After placing it on the bed stand, and turning it on, I went into my dusty book shelf. With its nice bright colored cover, it was easy to find. I lay on my bed and began reading.

AMAZING! This book was soooo much fun to read, no wonder my brother recommended it. One thing about the book that really stuck with me, besides the awesome story, was how the main character described how he could predict if it was going to be a Good Day or a Bad Day. If he sees a red car it meant that it would be a Good Day and if he sees a yellow car it would be a Bad Day. If there's 3 red cars, it would be a Quite Good day, if there were  5 red cars a Super Good Day, 9 red cards it would a Super Super Good Day. On our drives together, my brother would always point that out and I would be puzzled on how got that weird idea. Well, now I know! :]

His Birthday is this month, and I designed him a birthday card! I created a car with 9 red cars because it was going to be a Super Super Good Day, and I drew a bunch of characters he created and loved in his life time. He loved it! :D

And that is today's story! You guys should totally read this book 'The Curious Indent of the Dog in the Night-Time!' It's an easy and fun read! 

OH! Here is a pic of of my boyfriend's Valentine's present! They are little notes on why I love him and drawings of things he likes. I painted a branch in black because he likes the more 'mainly' look, I would have done it in white, but I guess it would be too girly, haha. I spent a whole month looking for the best looking branch! I finally found it! Yay! He loved it and his favorite part are the little drawings of food, it made him hungry~ :D


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  1. yay!!! I love the little dead tree too!

  2. Thanks Victor!! :D
    I got the little branch from Lake Chabot with Cooper. He picked it, haha! :]


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