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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Post

Hey Everyone!
I'm using this as ideas and venting journal!
Right now, I am dealing with a really hard problem... where am I gonna go? I am one quarter away from getting my Bachelors, and now I'm in the weird transition between being a student to being an adult. It's scary, but also a little exciting.


  1. this is what professors are for. bother your profs and see if they can give you a hook up. Ask your other design friends what they are up to...see if they can give you a hook up too...

  2. That's rly good advice~ and just recently I've been doing that :]
    I'll do it more often, so maybe I can land my dream job!! :D
    I wish more people would hook me up with smthng~~~
    *hint hint* :D


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