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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking for an Awesome Internship!! :]

I have been looking for internships for about 6 months! I have landed an awesome job as a Graphic Designer for CSUEB, and now I might *cross fingers* get an internship at VIZ!

I know I know, it is pretty nerdy to work for one of the big publishing companies of mangas (japanese comics), but me needs experience! Right now, there are lots of calling and talking to all kinds of people to make this internship happen, but it's all worth the work. VIZ seems very interested in interning me, and gives me a lot of hope that I will get it!

Next step is to try to find some kind of job related to fashion, and that is when I start applying for jobs in Los Angeles. :]


  1. Maybe you can make Viz's book covers look less like crap.

    It'd be really interesting to see what a company like Viz is like. I mean, in a world where their products are subject to massive amounts of piracy, it'd be interesting to see what the atmosphere is like there and what the concerns are...

  2. I know!! Tokyopop looks a lot better! Nothing beats the original mangas.. I wish they would do it like that on the US, like you know, all awesome :]

    If I do get it I will post stuff about the company, and hopefully, some pics of inside! It is totally gonna be awesome to work in a publisher :D

    As for piracy, Idk how they are still up, but I have to admit that I did buy mangas that I thought were worth buying, so I guess people do buy them sometimes :]

  3. Good luck Anna! This is such a weird transition time between graduation and getting a design gig. Soon you'll be a kick-ay designer a place like NYLON! :)

  4. OMG Jackie! I would freaking love to work for Nylon!!
    We should apply together lol
    It is a weird transition, and I am learning a lot. I will try to keep this thing up to date to share my experiences :]


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