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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Work

Omg! I haven't been updating my awesome blog for so long!

It's been pretty hectic lately, my internship at CSUEB has just ended, so I am trying to find a stable job right now. Hopefully, someone takes me in to be their design slave! Good news though! I have been getting smaller gigs, so I will still have new work to post, which is always exciting!

So, this postcard was inspired by my friend, Brian So, and his adventures in Italy! I sooo would have loved to go with him! Mainly, it sounded like the most beautiful place in the world, where your eyes feast in gorgeous views and your belly in seafood. Can't wait to, one day, go there!

I was thinking of making a series of six postcards of places that I've never been to, but always heard about. So, what do you guys think?? :]


  1. Hey Anna! I think this idea is pretty neat that you're going to draw what you imagine these places to be like. It seems like this series could be an over-the-top kind of thing, meaning that since you don't know what these places are like, your imagination about them will be extravagant and exaggerated, just like a kid running with her imagination!
    Your postcards are going to quite interesting :)

  2. Thank you Wey!! :]
    I rly want to do this project! I just need to talk to more people about their travels... maybe you can help me out with that :D

  3. Sure, I'd love to!


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