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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Do List

"There aren't many jobs out there for ________ right now, I won't find a job, durp durp."
*goes back to facebook and yahoo news routine*

NO! Don't be a durper!!
There might not be as many jobs out there right now, but you should not lose confidence that you can get the few that are available. So, this post will have a to-do list that can help get that interview for your dream job.


- Online Portfolio

It is always helpful to have an online portfolio, I cannot emphasize this enough. Companies almost require you to have a link to your portfolio, specially in the Graphic Design field, it saves them a lot of time when looking through a ton of portfolios. If you don't know how to create a website, don't worry! There are many sites out there that can be used to show your work online for FREE! Just get your work out there, yo!
Check out Weebly, Behance and Blooger

- Resume
Ooooh, the resume! Make sure to put down experience that relates to the job you are applying for. For example, I would not write down my barista experience for a graphic design job, unless I have nothing else to show.

Also, try to remember writing down groups you were involved with in school, awards you received, extra languages you know, all that good stuff that makes you look like the awesomest person evaaah!! Or at least awesomer than the other candidates.

An easy way to make a resume is to get a Linkedin account! You input your info, and it gives you a PDF with your info nicely organize for people to read. It's a really nice site to get your networking going.

- Hardcopy Portfolio
Pick at least 7-10 projects that you are proud of (or less if it's architecture projects since they are bigger and more time consuming). Here is a good order to follow, start the book with your best project and end the book with your 2nd best. That way the reader starts and ends your portfolio with a bang!

My suggestion for the layout is to keep it simple. DO NOT smear your pages with funky backgrounds, different fonts, every color of the color wheel, your pictures, your family pictures, your dog pictures... Allow your projects to be the stars of your portfolio, don't take their shine away, they love you.

Make sure to add the following: Title, client, dimensions, and a brief explanation of the project.

- Business Cards
Man, get yourself some buzz cards!
Do like I do, carry them babies in your wallet, so anytime someone says the word "designer" you can just pop that card out of nowhere and give it to them. They will be so amazed, you might even get a date out of it (not recommended).

- Be Confident
As cheesy as it may sound, you need to believe in yourself.
Always apply thinking you will get an interview, and never give up.
Bottom line is: If you don't apply, you will never get that job.
Take your chances and do it, you never really know. :]

Here are my stats: 55 applications, 7 interviews, 4 jobs.

I leave you guys with this awesome food allergy card designed for the sweetest and most amazing food blogger: Sonia Hunt! She promotes food allergy awareness and delicious events all around the nation. You can check her blog, videos, and events at www.soniahunt.com.

This card was one of the most fun projects I have done, Sonia gave me a lot of room for creativity. It was designed for little Dana who loves pink, peace signs, and piggys. So, I came up with this Juicy Couture inspired design for her. All illustrations are original.

You guys have a goodnight, and always believe in yourself! ;]

Oh, post comments letting me know if this was helpful to you!
Depending on the feedback, I might come back with more tips, stories, and such.

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