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Saturday, September 17, 2011

OMG! It's Almost School Time at CSUEB :]

Hey guys!
I have more news about the CSUEB map!

I know, I know... You're probably like, "Anna! You just keep talking about this map!"
I can't help it that people liked the map so much, y'all! Just kidding, guys!
I am totally humbled about it, and every time someone complements it I blush so much that they stop complementing me because I turn red, and they think I've probably been drinking (Asian glow ftw!) and will start coming on to them.

Yah, the Asian glow, but hey, sure helps when you're putting make up on.
Toss some foundation, mascara, and a shot of tequila and I'm good to go! ;]
(omg that sounded so wrong...)

Anyways, Going back to the real stuff.

So, my boss decided to make a mini version of the map before the quarter starts.
It's a really cute idea, it's a 5"x5" map, so students can easily carry it with them, and it makes for an awesome coaster for that iced cold drink you'll have after walking the vast, immense, and huge CSUEB campus!

Yes, the people shown on the back are my besties<3

You guys have a wonderful weekend! :]
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  1. I love your map. Talk away! You're so talented and inspire me to be better at designing. I love your Asian glow and let's take a shot of tequila next time you come visit me Lumpia!
    Your lil lumpia,

  2. Thanks so much Brian!:D
    Yes, we should! I want to come back to Los Angeles soon!! :]


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