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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes. [Happy Valentine's!]

Happy Valentine's Day!

I remember I posted last year about the heart-shaped steak I got my boyfriend, but the present this is will be a little less bloody! I can't posted right now because he might see it, and that would totes ruin the surprise :(

Meanwhile, I will entertain you with my client's little Valentine's project! This is one of those fun 'Check Out My Process' kinda of post. So, she got her boyfriend airplane lessons (baller!) and she wants to have a card that is just as awesome as the gift. I thought about it for weeks, and I could go many ways with this one. However, I took too long thinking and now I only had one day to achieve the final result, so I had to think fast!

I decided to go with a modern approach and eliminated all cutesy stuff out, and leave just a very minimal amount of hearts into the card. Paper planes are awesome! It relates to the gift and their shape is straight lined and geometrical, they leave a lot of room to play be creative, so yes, I love paper planes!

After choosing red as my main color for my monochromatic design, I start making mock-ups for the paper planes. I pick the heaviest duty red paper to make it, and glaze the plane to make it look more special. Then, I proceeded to mock-up the card, and then the envelope.

Then, I picked a theme for the project: Paper Planes by M.I.A.
( I would normally post a video, but apparently you can't do that anymore :[ )

And now, I will let the pictures do most of the talking:

The Final Product

BAM! Another project done, now to start on a new one. :]
Hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day!
much love. <3

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  1. Hi Anna! So cool to see your entire creative process from brainstorming to gorgeous, finished card. This one is both a great gift & card idea ~ your valentine is super lucky! Am also enjoying your earlier posts full of lovely designs that I wish I'd thought of. :)

  2. Omg! Thanks so much Kimi!! Yay! I'm so happy I got your attention with my designs :D

    There's no doubt you're a very creative person, and it's really fun to see someone try many different ways to approach colors, mediums, and photos... it's so magical. Love love love your work! <3


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