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Monday, September 3, 2012

Process: Cynthia's 75th Birthday Invitations

Hey guys!
Just uploaded one of my most recent projects, and is another one of those ‘process’ type of posts! So, Cynthia had approached me to create one-of-kind invitation set fort her 75th Birthday! Luckily for me, she gave me complete creative freedom to make whatever I thought it would best fit her. I was super stoked!
Next step was to visit her and get to know what she is all about. After a long drive in a very swirly road of beautiful and large homes, and getting lost multiple times, I finally reached my destination! There it was, I gorgeous home with a beautiful façade,and I could totally tell a cute Philpina lady lived there because of the many orchids sitting on the front door. I was greeted by Cynthia’s grand-niece and her niece, which were super lovely! Upon coming inside the house I noticed even more orchids, loads and loads of paintings with beautiful intricate frames, antique vases, and statues. Then, I finally met Cynthia, I could barely tell she was turning 75, she looked so strong and happy!
I spoke to her, and she told of her many travels around the world and her love for orchids. She wanted something unique that was special to her. Something, that people would be like, “Oh, this is totally Cynthia!’
After an amazing afternoon with them, I went home to brainstorm and this is what came up with!
Since the party was taken place at her home, I figured to use this house as part of the design!  Although she wanted something that would appeal to her older guests, she also requested something modern, it was right up my alley! By choosing a few elements of her home and Cynthia, I was able to gather 4 main elements to display in the card.

During a conversation with her grand-niece I found out that Cynthia, through her many travels in Asia, used wax seals a lot when sending letters to her friends and family. The golden wax seal was a great way to bring that back, and she was very excited to seal these invitations.
The Final Set:

This project was a ton of fun to design! Being able to get to know my clients face-to-face is always a great way to come up with unique designs, always makes for one-of-kind projects. Thank You Cynthia and fam! <3

For more photos click here.

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