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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall is here!

Hey guys!

I've been kinda of absent on my blog lately, but it's mainly because I have taken my little hobby into bigger proportions!

As some of you might know I have moved to Castro Valley, California, and was lucky enough to live pretty close to Lake Chabot! I've been hiking there with my best Lab buddy, Cooper, 4 times week. Each week we have hiked farther and farther, starting a 4 miles to 10 miles!!

I absolutely love living because of the lake! When I first moved here I could not wait for Fall, I knew it would beautiful to see all the trees changing colors. I remember hiking during Summer and seeing a lot of green, now that is Fall I can see beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red! It's SO beautiful!! That's why I must share some photos of our adventures with you guys! :]

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!
Try to get outside and enjoy nature :D

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