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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Search Continues...

Ah poop!

So, the VIZ internship didn't end up happening~ :(

Unfortunately, because of the fact that the intern must be enrolled in a co-op class during the internship, I was not able to join VIZ. Obviously, it was too late to add this class one month into the quarter~ ah! At least the lady helping me went all over the place to get me in with the design team, but the company has a very strict system, so they said that I must be enrolled.

Even though it did not work out, the hiring lady told me something super awesome! She said that the team really liked my portfolio and that was why they were trying to work so hard with my situation, and she told me that even though I did not land this internship, it was only because of a technicality. She said that I am sure to find a good internship, and to keep on trying.

That made my day!

Hopefully I will find something these upcoming months-- Meanwhile, I need to finish designing the Spring calendar for CSUEB! Can't wait till it gets printed~ yaaay!!

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