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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

note: super delayed post, oops heehee :]

Hey Everyone!

It's been so nice and hot here in California, makes me so happy! As a celebration my family and I went to this really nice resort in Angels Camp, where we enjoyed BBQs, pool, sun, Yosemite, and lots of green. It was incredibly refreshing to spend time like this with my family because we usually don't have time for things like that. You know, once you're older, everyone gets caught up with jobs and paying bills and being independent that we kinda forget about our loved one. So yes, I'm happy for family bonding time + the awesome tan I got!

In that note, it is time to celebrate our independence or semi-independence, if you're too broke, like me, to be completely independent, by celebrating the United States' Independence this weekend!! HUZZAH!!

Or if you don't want to celebrate because you don't live here, than go celebrate something, anything, anyways jut because everyone's likes beer and be merry! :]

Happy 4th of July!!
Here's Beautiful Yosemite

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