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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Graduation Card Designs!! :D

Hey Everybody! :]
Lately I've been going full speed this invitation stuff! They're so much fun to create because you can be fun and innovative, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this kind of work. This is kind of my past time, the past couple of months, and I want to share my designs with you guys! Let mw know what your thoughts are, or even suggest an event that you think I should get a go with! <3

I wanted to create something that is modern and clean, and has strong typography and the looks of letterpress (Which reminds me, I will try to start working with letterpress, and I am already money aside to buy me an awesome kit :])! The end result is these super cute graduation cards!

There are the 'Graduation Invitation Cards'
these are great to sending to many people to come celebrate your graduation with you!

There are individual 'Graduation Greeting Cards'
these cards are to be send to a loved one who is becoming 
even more awesome than they already are! 

Yay! I loved how these came out! :]
Now to design more cool stuff!! Weeehhh!!
Love you guys<3

Love these cards? All this work is on sale on Etsy. ;]
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